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Algys Autos?

Has anybody used Algys Autos to source them a Sambar?

Bit worried about stumping up the money for a van without actually seeing it before it arrives. Ive read good reviews though from some Figaro and Pajero owners on various forums.Any feedback from previous customers gratefully recieved

Don't know about Algy's but have heard of this place in York. They also sell on ebay

Yes thats DCY. The 2 on Ebay seem a bit overpriced and dont look the best condition.

I know you can order direct from Japan with your spec through DCY like Algy's but looking at Algys they seem better priced.

Yes you are right they look a better price overall. Now from the perspective of being an owner you will find insurance quite high cause it is classed as an import. Adrian Flux are the only place that will cover them unless you can find somewhere. I was 400 fully comp for mine and I have more years no claims bonus than I care to think about. They only grant you 7 years I think it is though.

Ive used Adrian Flux on and off for the last 8 years with other imports ive had. Pretty much what I expected.

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