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Best dog guard for my Sambar ?

Does anyone out there know which is the best option for transporting our 2 Golden Retriever pups (soon to be BIG!) in my Sambar please ? I have ordered a couple of Dog guard grills off Amazon etc, but none so far seem to be tall enough for the job  
If anyone has any ideas that would be great.
Penny Laughing

Here is one that looks like it should fit. Im only going by the mesurments given and havent tryed it.

Thanks for the tip

Hi Dan
Thanks for that
I have ordered one to see if it will fit , but the dimensions do look better than the ones I have seen so far.
As far as the lap belts are concerned in the van, they are welded into the floor just behind the seat legs it appears. I can send a photo if you need to see it .
Off to see the Olympic torch go through Liskeard later so no doubt we will get lots of waves and smiles !! I love it !!  Laughing

how did you get on with the dog gaurd?

Pics of the belt mountings would be good as i need to get mine done. Forum Index -> Anything else
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