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Big hello to all, we've just got our first sambar!!

I've taken it down to visit my local garage today so they could be introduced but they just rubbed their heads and looked despaired. I am no mechanic by any means and haven't a clue about these little machines but am keen to learn, so any help would be greatly appreciated!! I know nothing so any advice as little as it seems would be fantastic. And as for finding a steering wheel, which is my first mission, I've hit a brick wall already there !
Fat Presto

Greetings Cat,
it is very quiet in here, that's what you get for driving a hens teeth rare vehicle. There is a Subaru dealer in Woodford, Essex who is quite helpful.

I fitted a Momo Steerring wheel, and found a steering wheel boss from the internet.

Mine is pale blue and white with the double sun roof too. If I could work out how to post a picture.... I would! I might have, pic-nic with James

Good luck with it, it is worth the agonies to keep it on the road.

fondest Fay Presto, not Fat Presto, a typo I can't seem to correct.

How have got one having the black plates legal wise  ? love to have a set but sure i'd get pulled lol .... Forum Index -> Introductions
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