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coolant pipes

Just replaced coolant pipes
holes loss of coolant
Big recuvery truck
Three pipes from eng to rad and heater
Plus one small one with drain hose
Worth checking

Worth checking.
Where did you get the hoses from?

coolant pipes

Pipes are metal
Replaced heater one 15mm copper

Other two are 22 mm ish

Will try to attach drawing of front ends

Thats interesting on the failed pipes. I figured out which two were returns and which went radiator. Plus I located all air blender hoses. After changing timing belt and tensioner on my 2002 Sambar pickup. I then had to vaccum the air out of the system to get the temp to regulate properly. I lost some hair figuring that out. I also learned that divining an even water temp does not work. Shaking tipping driving forty miles an hour over railroad tracks and rough roads. Nothing removes the air from the cooling system except a vaccum pump. Forum Index -> General Chat
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