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ECVT dead/dying is this the end?

Hi all

I've got a lovely Subaru Sambar Classic Dias and the gearbox has just packed up. All the mechanics I've spoken to tell me to just get rid of it. I can't bare the thought but i've been advised even if I did find another gearbox or reconditioned one, the task of removing old and fitting new would be too mammoth (and costly)

I'm based in the UK, any advice would be welcome.


Fat Presto

I thought mine was dead it started doing all sorts pf odd things, checked the oil and it was very low. filled it up it recovered and then started losing oil again . turned out it was a burst hose. 75 quid and back on the road.

Fay (not fat) Presto.

Hi did you fix the gearbox? does it try to pull away? the common problems are low transmission fluid, worn out brushes or possible a snapped belt. have you tried draining the oil? if thee are small metal pieces in the oil then the belt has probably snapped. Forum Index -> Problems
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