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Fuse box translation

I got mine translated and thought I should share it with those of us who dont read Japanese.

Please not that this was from a 97 660cc 4x4 van with Supercharger and ECVT auto gearbox. Im not sure if it varies depending on spec?

1 Central Locking
2 Air Con
3 Turn lamp meter -  Indicators?
4 Engine
5 Rear de-mister
6 Igniter ECVT - Starter motor?
7 EMPI - Fuel Injection?
8 Horn stop - Horn?
9 Tail Lamp - Brake lights?
10 Left Headlamp
11 Right Headlamp
12 Engine Fan
13 Room Lamp Hazard - Hazard lights? Interior lights?
14 Rear interior heater
15 Radio
16 Wipers
17 Front Heater

The other 3 fuses are spares

Awesome thanks ...... just sorted the dodgy passenger headlight ...... 10A had blown Smile

Now to fix the sidelight which isnt getting any juice on the passenger side ...hmm stumped .

Just got me thinking ....... Prev owner had problems with over heating due to the vw front .... so had vents and a manual fan switch ...... looking at the fusebox number 12 is missing ( engine fan )

Could this be the problem i wonder ? hmmm

UPDATE upon further investigation the fuse for the engine fan is not even wired in ( no fuse needed )  and i think the previous owner has fitted this fan to a seperate switch to cool the radiator

Overheating could be caused by air in radiator. On my Sambar truck. I had to have the air vaccumed out. It ran great after I had that done. You can buy a vaccum system and do it yourself for a hundred bucks. I had tried every imaginable trick suggested on these forums. None worked except cacuuming air out. This would also work on 86 toyota pickups. I had a similar issue.

Does anyone know how to open that fuse box without breaking it to bits? Forum Index -> General Chat
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