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Gear oil

Not sure if this is the best place to post this but this is what i have found out

The front diff uses 0.8L of comma EP80W90 GL-4

Rear transaxle ECVT uses Comma AQM. I think it might be 2.2L but i never mesured.

The front diff is filled through the top plug and drained through the lower plug. Both are located on the L/H side and fill on level ground till it overflows.

The EVCT is drained by removing the sump plug on the rear of the transaxle (behind rear bumper on the left) and fill through the dipstick (top front, behind the airbox). fill a bit then wait for it to settle and check the level on the dipstick. Repeat till at maximum on the cold scale. take a very short easy drive then check again. There is also a hot scale which should be checked after 10 mins of easy driving under 50MPH.

Avoid GL-5 as it can degrade your seals! and only read/fill on level ground.

EVCT ????

Can I ask a stupid question ... what is EVCT is it anything to do with coolant ?

I have a Japanese friend and I got her to read the surviving stickers in the van one of these was the coolant sticker on the drivers side : it said
To drain hose in front of spare tyre, pull out plug and take off pressure cap, then fill to the brim put plug back and top up to the brim with coolant. Start engine and add fluid halfway through the engine will rest. Keep topping up until it doesn't go down any more.
pressure cap back on and wait for engine to get warm, put heater fan on and wait til it heats up if not check the coolant level fill if needed.
Stop the engine, let it cool, check level and fill to the brim. Fill up the reserve tank (though it doesn't say where the reserve tank is).

Ecvt is the type of auto style gearbox fitted to some of the sambars. It stands for electronicly constantly variable transmition. The auto gear selector will hav the letters embossed in it if you have it.

That's great to get the coolant sticker translated. I always wonder what they say. The coolant resivoair is behind the rear bumper on the same side.

If you speak nicely to your Japanese friend, would they translate other markings?
I have a translation for the fuse box. I will post it later with a pic of the panel

Many thanks for that   Embarassed  silly question I know found the initials on the gear stick this morning lol
I have asked my friend about the other Japanese I have in the car the writing on the sunscreen is about all different cars.  I thought that the sambar fell under the super charger rather than the 4x4 it says :
cool engine  Don't stamp on the peddle   when warm press accelerator slightly  
The warning light while running ( this can be known as the BBQ light it has two parallel lines and three lines above it like heat lines, I will take a photo as i have this warning light on when my sambar is running)
Make sure there is nothing flammable in area, stop car for 10 minutes go to garage as soon as possible.
Engine fan can continue don't touch if your looking at the engine.
At the moment I am trying to wire in a cd player, as the person before helpfully cut all the wires for the cd player out. If anyone is interested I can tell you the wiring colours as I understand them if anyone is interested      Smile

Asking silly questions helps to learn.

thanks for the translations, to me japanese text just looks like art!

The BBQ light you speak of is for the exhaust temprature warning. these tend to go with age and are expensive to replace but can be fixed by shorting the sensor wire to chassis. the only problem with this is that you wont know if the exhaust is getting hot till you smell it!

Im also trying to rewire my CD player. I think i have worked out most of the wiring but would apreciate if you post the details to confirm, or just to let others know. The only one i still need to get is permenant +12V as i think i kno what wire it is but dont see the voltage and the fuse is fine!

re wiring the cd player

Sorry for the delay in replying back at work now Crying or Very sad
The wiring colours run like this
blue  = switched live (ignition)
white = permanent live (This looks a little like the white /red speaker wire but it has blue lines too)
Black = negative
Red   = Not sure
white/ red = speaker+
white/black= speaker-
I wired in the plugs from my old KA I never found out what the red wire is but I matched it up with a red wire on the KA plug ( I think its the lights on the cd unit) I removed the speaker wires and used the wires from the speakers I bought.
I have to turn it on and off independently as it doesn't switch on with the ignition.  However it's in, it's all running and the van hasn't caught light yet lol

thanks, i have now checked mine out in daylight and managed to see where i went wrong.  the grey wire at the speaker is easy to confuse as white at the head unit end in poor light.

the full wiring is

Power Block (A)
Permanent +12V =White with Blue stripe & Brown rings = A4
Ignition switched +12V = Blue with Black stripe & Brown rings = A7
Illumination / Dimmer = Red with Green stripe & Black rings = A6
Ground = Black with Green stripe & Brown rings = A8

Speaker Block (B)
Front Left + = Green with Brown rings = B5
Front Left - = Grey with Brown rings = B6
Front Right + = Gray with Red stripe & Brown rings = B3
Front Right - = Gray with Black stripe & Brown rings =B4
Rear Left + = N/A = B7
Rear Left - = N/A = B8
Rear Right + = N/A = B1
Rear Right - = N/A = B2

the diagram should help if you want to connect extra speakers or check your lighting wire is correct. use theconnector side pin and the missing pins of connector A in the drawing to work out if your looking at front or rear view of your connectors.

As for having to turn off the radio independantly, some radios have the option to swap the permenant and switched wires over to suit differant cars. If the radio leads dont hav it (red and yellow on Sony) then you could swap them on the cable you installed out the Ka. Forum Index -> General Chat
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