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Having Sambar Fun In The Sun

Hi brought my first Sambar by accident really off Ebay on a second chance offer its a VW camper type and its pretty cool my boy calls it the Scooby Mobile (not after the Impreza) but the Scooby Do Mystery Mobile.
Getting lots of thumbs up at the traffic lights and people chating to me about it.
I need to get some seat belts fitted in the back to travel with more than one kid and the gearing or cable is slipping on the rear sunroof anyone fixed this before?.
Its fitted with some decent 12 inch alloys but I would prefer some with the moon disc chrome hub caps type anyone got a spare set or want a swap. Will they take a 13" wheel under the archs? Saw some rear light clusters on a Japanese website which were really nice finished the rear end off nicely are any types available?
Theres a chap I have a number for who's breaking one, ive no idea what parts he's still go but if anyone wants his number let me know and I will pass it on.
I will put some pictures up next week Cool Forum Index -> Introductions
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