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Hello - new to site

Hello all

Had my little van about 3 1/2 years now. (my sis has a green one!) I bought it in Manchester and drove it all the way down to Lands End Cornwall where I live.

The poorly thing needs a new water pump at the moment - any ideas where I can get one in this country?

Thanks guys


Hi Saffy

Hi Saffy welcome to the site Smile Your van is identical to mine Smile Never seen another one like it till now how cool is that. Can you tell Tristan that I meant to call last night but was in a lot of pain with my neck and will try and call him this evening. Smile

you could try here it is another minitruck forum and they talk about Domingo's it quite a lot of detail. You could also try Tod on he is based in Vancouver but there is nothing he does not know about Subaru minitrucks. His number is  250-590-4659  but you need the Canadian code at the front. Hope this helps.

This is also Tod's website

You could try here also this guy has one that is breaking for spares


Thank you

Thats great Jackie thanks so much.

I don't actually know Tristan, we've spoken on phone but never met ... I'm presuming he might be the chap from Cornwall (5 mins around corner to me!) who saw my van and phoned me asking all about it! How funny! He did say he was trying to buy one at the moment Smile

Thanks for tip off for spares, I'll get on the case today. My sister had to replace the water pump last year too on hers but the garage who did it can't remember where they sourced it from?

Great this little forum is on here! My Sis and I thought we were the only 2 in the Subaru Sambar Classic Dias Members Club! Now we are 3

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