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Hello, new to the site

Hi  Very Happy

Came accross the forum after doing a bit of googling, so thought i'd sign up and say hi  Very Happy

My names Darren, and we picked up ( well, had delivered ) our 2nd Sambar last week :

It's the second one we've owned. Our first was another VW kitted version in yellow and white, that unfortunatly had major auto box malfunction, which resulted in us selling a few years ago.

This one is another auto. It'll mainly be used for short trips around town, with the occasional longer trip. Also going to be used for the odd bit of overnight camping - used alongside a small awning / tent.

I'm guessing that the forum doens't get too busy, as there doens't seem to be that many of these out there, but i'll make sure i keep popping back and checking things out  Very Happy

Welcome to the forum nice to see a new face Smile Forum Index -> Introductions
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