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Here is my Sambar

Hi all
Had problems posting an image on here and now I have read the FAQ's (!!) I can see that I have to direct you to my website:

I have had her since last year and I started to use her for my new business in May 2012.

I have lost one of the headlamp 'chrome' (think its plastic?) surrounds so if anyone knows where I can get a replacemnet that would be good. (see pic on website)

Someone said that you could use a mini (as in classic car) one so we ordered one from e-bay (7") but it doesnt fit.  It also didnt have the 'lid' on the top like mine which I wasnt too bothered about as long as i had a new surround......

So now Ive got a mini chrome surround for sale hahaaha

Have got some numbers from this forum so will follow those up on Monday



Nice looking van, i do like the ones with bars on the bumpers (mine doesnt). It does amuse me that its an icecream van as thats one of the things mine often gets likened to. Good website but the link isnt working as its got 2 c's in creams.

I use photobucket for pics and just paste the image code (img) into the text window when posting on here.

As for the chrome ring, i would try the import companies or breaking ads on ebay. Im not sure if there are any direct fits?
For eye lids I know that the proper bolt on ones for the Nissan Figaro dont fit either.

Dont know if that helps or not but thats all i know.


whoops !

awww thanks Dan, yes too many c's in that website link. just learnt how to make raspberry mojito so was probably the testing session that didnt help haha is correct link !

are there piccies of your Sambar on here?

I'll try your suggestion, we have just ordered one from e-bay but im not sure its going to fit........we'll see

i'll keep posting.  have asked to join the subaru sambar facebook page but my request has not been answered as yet

Raspberry mojito icecream? that would be interesting, might need to be a sorbet tho.

There is one pic of my van in the introductions section of when i had just got it. Still looks the same only its now cleaner. Still want to re paint the interior panels as they were previously done badly.

I need to ordere some engine mounts and a timing belt/water pump kit. Im gonna get it from Japanoid in Canada as they seem to deliver quicker than Subaru UK can! dont know how Subaru UK are for prices as they never got back to me after much chasing. Forum Index -> Introductions
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