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I've got it!

At last, my Sambar has arrived Smile

Hope you like the pic. Does anyone know where I can get a handbook / technical data manual, preferably in English!?

I got my handbook from ebay cost a bit think it was about 20-ish if I remember rightly. I have all the original stuff that came with the van but it is all Japanese!!

Many thanks for the info...e-bay here I come! Mine didn't come with an awful lot of info and all the details on the car are in japanese so I am struggling!

Nice. Hope you enjoy. I have managed to translate do.e things like fuse box which I have shared on here. My Japanese is not good. I look at the text and it just looks like art!

yes, I love the japanese diagrams on the back of the seats, mine has a couple of stickers still in the windscreen..dread to think what they say! Great site by the way, it will be great to follow other people's journeys and get sound advice  Very Happy Forum Index -> Introductions
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