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hi all what car insurance are you all with im starting to get a little cheesed off with Adrienne flux !

What probs you getting with them?
Ive used them on and off for ten years and never had any probs.
I now use Sureterm Direct as were always cheapest on my Commer camper and now my XR3i.

Adrian Flux were the only ones to take on the Sambar for me. I tried everywhere else with no luck.


Had my little subaru van for 5 years now - nearly always insured through Adrian Flux. Have just found a cheap quote and very helpful people through Jap 01275 792270 My insurance was 210 (250 excess)

Hope that helps anyone. Glad I've finally found competition!

Great thread guys can everyone post what they are paying and companies please ...... not insured mine yet and def looking for the cheapest quote

Used Flux in the past but not entirely confident with the way they work if i am honest  ..... any competition would be greatly appreciated

thanks in advance

120 on a classic insurance less than 3000 miles

R & H Insurance

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