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My First Sambar

Hello !

Just got my first Sambar after 6 months of searching. I really love it and am currently working out how to fit a child, husband, 2 retriever pups, beach stuff and 2 mini mal surfboards into it !!

I don't really care as the car ('BLossom') is a real cutie and in very good nick . Its a bit like driving a dinky car !

Wondered whether a soft roof rack is the best option for transporting the boards ?

Any ideas welcome. Thanks.

Penny Very Happy

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Welcome and nice van. I hope your serching has been worth it. i think your gonna love it though.  Very Happy

Yes the soft racks are the best option for surf boards as ther is no mounts at the back for a roof rack.

The surf boards will complete the image.

Does your van have rear seatbelts fitted?


Thanks for getting back

Hi Dan
Yes the back seats do have basic lap seat belts ....I don't know whether these can be upgraded to make it safer for kids ??  Also, the back seats do have head rests but they aren't quite high enough for my husband, so again I don't know if they can be upgraded ??
Also !!....For the puppies, I have been trying to get hold of a suitable dog guard to go behind the back seats, but the two I have tried so far don't seem to be high enough....any ideas anyone please ??!!
Blimey, loads of questions ...sorry about that ...I think it is out of my system now !!
I found out this weekend that I can actually get child, husband, pups, beach stuff and one board in the van, although I may need to roof rack for my husband's board also !! I am so impressed by the practicality of it !
It also makes everyone smile when they see it, as well as me to drive it so that can't be a bad thing in this day and age !
As you say, I already love it and am busy trying to find excuses to go places !!
Penny  Very Happy

3 point rear seat belts can be fitted but need the fixing points welded into the pillar between the back door and the rear side window. The Domingo which is the 7 seat version of the Sambar has the rear 3 piont belts fitted in that way. Out of interest, where did they mount the lap belts in yours? i have herd of them being fitted to the base panel the seat sits on and also one on that base panel with the other on the side panel where the sliding door fits into.

As for the dog gaurd, Im not sure what one will fit. There must be one that is designed for MPV's whic would do?

Im always impressed with how well these vans carry weight considdering the engine size. Perhaps its grin factor that tells the brain it can do it, along with taking the long way round coz your having a good time  Laughing Forum Index -> Introductions
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