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New owner !!

Hello !

My new bus ! Hoping to get some tips on the sunroof fix and a few other little jobs asap Smile

regards Mark

Fat Presto

It is very quiet in here, but it is good to find somebody else at last.

Looks like ill be keeping this place busy for a while !!! I need help already lol ..... see my over heating issues lol do you know where the thermostat is ?
Fat Presto

The thermostat is under the rear floor towards the right hand side of the engine.
I have been plagued by overheating since I got the vehicle. Mine is an 1100cc version. It will run all day round town in a heat wave no problem, ask it to do more than 60 on a motorway and it cooks. Turn on the heater and it drops back for a while.
I have removed the thermostat, re-cored the radiator, flushed it till there is no tomorrow, cut vent holes in the front panel, nothing solves it.

I have on file a picture of the original Domigo and there is clearly a duct under the car that had been removed to get the 'new'  front on.
My guess is that when new, with the duct removed everything 'just worked, and now it is older everything 'just doesn't'.
Wondering now if I could fit and auxiliary radiator.
Fay ,(not Fat) Presto.

No ..... not good news ...... Im hoping i can solve it Sad

Mygauge has  been at half way on a journey today and no warning of it over heating at all as it runs really sweet !!!  ..... it was just when i parked up i noticed and heard it boiling from the rear drivers side ??? i think the next journey ill switch the manual fan on lol ..... i'd like to think i can sort it

I have the vents in the panel and a manual fan switch ..... now worried the thermostat or the coolant cap might not be the problem Sad
Fat Presto

I  understand that it is sometimes difficult to get coolant all round the system. i saw a post somewhere about having to prime it and run it and make sure there are no airlocks, check back into that exhaustive data base on here Smile

yeah i tried the airlock thing today ..... shook the van with heaters on cap off etc etc .... we did get some progress and got some air out  ....

I was a little bit more careful on the second test run and didn't really hit more than 45 mph ( 75 kmh ) on the dual carriageway and this time had the fan on and so far so good .... no bubbling or spitting coolant everywhere on this run .... Maybe i was bit too foot heavy on the first run hitting 90kmh lol

I will check the coolant level tomorrow again after another short run and see if any has escaped etc ....
Fat Presto

I think somewhere on here there is a description of the procedure to adopt, I know I have read it somewhere on line, but my memory has never been very good.
What part of the world are you in? There is a good chap at Woodford Motor Co. in Essex who is quite helpful.

Thanks North west ( Manchester ) here

So a bit too far to pop in ....

Done the school run this morning in traffic and all seems ok again .... I'm thinking the prev owner filling the coolant right up the neck and me thrashing it was just too much lol ..... Taking my time now and using the manual fan and everything seems good ... just about to go check the coolant levels though just in case...

Think ill change the thermostat and coolant cap first and then possibly a radiator flush will be first post of call.
Fat Presto

Tell me about 'The Manual' Fan!

Maybe I have one I've not found yet!

Well i'm thinking the previous owner was having the 'overheating problems' that is common with the VW front panel so he had two vents made into the front panel ( pics to follow same vents as in the rear heating ) Whilst checking the fuses I noticed the one for the Electric fan was not in use ( no fuse or wiring ) I did find an empty block for some wiring not connected behind the dash so presuming he did away with the auto fan and hooked it straight up to a switch located near the handbrake ( pic to follow too ) which i am going to use permanently now after that first run ....


After a few days driving etc It hasn't overheated due to me using the manual fan this time and keeping my speed down ... noticed an oily substance all over the tailgate though , cannot work out if its coolant or engine/gear  oil etc ? further investigation required I think

Ok its an oil leak..... I cannot determine where its coming from at the moment .... So will be investigating further next week

Thinking camshaft or crankshaft seal ?

its travelling down to the drivers side and  dripping on the heatshield as well and has left a small pool of oil .... hence the tailgate being splattered with oil

anyone with any suggestions  on oil leaks feel free to discuss Forum Index -> Introductions
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