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Newbie here!

Hi All.

So I just found this site today.

I recently came into possession of a 1993 Sambar (belonged to my b-i-l)
He  had for 3-4 years running perfectly. One day it just up and quit; He was driving it, parked it, and could not get it to start again. He took it to a "mechanic" and they put a new fuel pump on and still couldn't get it to fire. after 8 months of sitting, he finally gave it to me to see if I would have any  more luck than he did.

Long story short, I have a Sambar that is not running. Ive put a new coil and Distributor on it, still no spark. so new fuel pump+new coil+new distributor=NO Starting

Any thoughts?
Thanks in advance (apologies if I was out of line posting this request here)

hi, did you fix the sambar?

Sorry about your Sambar not running. My story sounds similar to your sambars previous owner. Mine has ran fine for four years. Now it stalls every four miles. Then restarts after five minutes. I fear. One day it will not start. Then my story will be exactly like your Sambarowner. I have the Danko repair manual which frankly is worthless. In even part location and id. Yokohama motors is of little help in gaining insight from their supposed tech crew. The book is outdated and poorly written. I askedYokohama motors
if they had a Sambar specific code reader for diagnostics of bad parts. Never replied to that inquiry. Their tech guy said courtly after telling me they weren't in the buisness of fixing cars that he would let me know it could be my distributor. Cap. My 2002 Sambar which he had all the data on does not have a distributor cap. It is  electronic ignition so much for rech support from them. My wind up is. We as owners need to start a co open for parts and sevice info that informs. lets see what obstacles and successes we can come up with on that idean you tube is great. Cell pics to identify parts is great. If the current part sellers wont utilize r echnology. We owners can. . Forum Index -> Introductions
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