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Sambar Hot Issues!

Hi I have a 1991 Sambar, its the super charged model, it drives very well when cold but as soon as it gets hot it drives poorly. So, when the temp gague rises to just under half way on the dash the van has no power, if you press the gas easy it will drive fine but if you press the gas pedal hard down it splutters, also when the engine is hot and stopped in traffic the van sometimes cuts out? Any ideas please.
Also the electric glass sunroof opens but won't close, I can hear the tooted gear (I think) slipping against the worm drive, again any ideas on where to get a tooted gear please?
Thank you and take care.
Fat Presto

I had a Mitsubishi Delica, and when the gear started to slip somebody found you could take it out and reverse it. I don't know if this works with a Subaru roof. I hope it does, because mine is beginning to skip. Forum Index -> Problems
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