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Hi Hannah yes he delivers within the uk. Welcome to the forum. What type Sambar are you getting is it the VW fronted one? Smile

Ive moved this into the general section to keep the Intro thread just introductions.



hi ya thats good news !
iv got a black and white vw front ( i have named him Burt hehe  Laughing )
he will arive on friday i cant wait .
im going to get him all kited out with a rock & roll bed dose the guy the the sambar parts have a websit ?  

No he doesn't have a website all I had was the number. I do however have a website for rock and roll seats and for your size van you need the 3/4 double bed size which fits. Their site is and they are excellent. I got mine from them and they being fitted next week. Forum Index -> General Chat
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