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Sunroof Problem Fixed!

Hi I have a 1991 Subaru Sambar with the large electric sunroof, the sunroof opened but wouldn’t close on its own so I took down the head cloth, removed the motor to find the toothed gear worn, I have a mate who work’s in a machine shop and he made me two new gears, so I fitted one to my sunroof and its working perfect and I have a spare one. The little toothed gears were expensive and cost me €130.00 so if someone needs a toothed gear for their sunroof I have a spare for sale. It’s fantastic having the sunroof opening and closing. Thank you. YEAH!
Fat Presto

I ran a Mitsubishi Delica for a time. A lot had sun roofs and a lot had problems. They found that because it was a helical gear wheel it could be turned over. don't know if that works for our cars, but I am due to find out soon as it clicks ans skips a bit at the moment.

yardeyar I have just purchased a sambar and mine too opens fine but will not return ( loud clicking noise ) I managed to manually push back whilst pressing the button .... any pics of where the motor is ? The spare might be what i need !! get in touch please cheers Mark Forum Index -> General Chat
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