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Very excessive exhaust emissions - Faulty Lamba sensor

Hi all,

Wonder if anyone can help with resolving an emission problem with my wifes Sambar (660cc).

Her car has recently failed the MOT with excessive exhaust emissions. The local garage has noted that the lambar sensor is producing 9volts! (he was expecting only about 1volt!!). In addition it looks like somebody has wired in an extra lamp in the engine bay that when in circuit stops the dash board emissions lamp from lighting. Seems like a clever fudge.
Some previous owner has realised that if you remove the lamp on the dash board, you then get an ECU fault light. So if you leave that lamp in and wire an extra lamp in circuit, it prevents the excessive emissions dash board lamp from lighting and know one knows there's anything wrong until it fails the MOT test.

So has anyone ever seen this fudge before?
Can anyone suggest what to do about it please.
Also, i have no English technical data. Has anyone got access to a workshop manual in English. My mechanic is very determined to fix it but needs some technical data. I am happy to pay for information if it's relevant. Your support is very much appreciated. Also, can anyone recommend where i can get a replacement Lamba sensor from. Sadly, I may also need a new catalytic converter. It's likely to be damaged. So some advice about how to get hold of a new one would be just fantastic.
Thanks everyone.

Never herd of fitting an extra lamp before.
As the sensor is just a temp sensor and not a gas sensor, the normal fix is to disconnect the sensor from the loom and replace it with a wire link to chassis. The only problem with this is that you won't find out if the exhaust is getting too hot till u smell it.
The temp sensor has gone on most sambars due to age. The sensor is still available but is very expensive if you want a Subaru one. There are sellers on eBay that sell universal ones. You will need to find out what make is printed on the sensor as I'm not sure. Look for single wire ones if you want to go down that route.
For a new cat, you might get an exhaust maker to make a custom one for you. I have tried Subaru for parts in the past but they were not much use as its a jap model. Try the import companys first then if they can't help, try japanoid in Canada. I have used them before, they have a link to japan and got me special order parts delivered from japan via Canada faster than it took for Subaru UK to respond to my parts request.

Hope you can get to the bottom of this problem.

Thanks for the info

Thank you very much for the information. We will forward this to the mechanic and take a look at the sources you suggest.
Kind Regards
Penny & Lee

Fault = Excessive omissions

Hi All
Below is a response from my mechanic. Can anyone help out on this one please ?

''That explains the odd reading. we did get the car in today and look at the sensor it is very small I will have another go next week does any one on the forum know which pin to ground on data plug to get flash fault codes and if so a code table also be good.''

Many thanks for any help


Fault = Excessive omissions

Hi  again !
Has anyone got any technical data in English ( drawings, workshop manuals , fault codes ).

Any info at all would be welcome..even off the back of a fag packet !!

Thanks very much.


the way to do the self diagnostic is
With the ignition off,
Connect the two green connectors under the steering column,
turn the ignition to on but dont start the engine,
the "check engine" light will pluse the cault code,

Codes are

21 Water temperature sensor system
/ Short break body temperature sensor, the signal system

22 Knock sensor system
/ Short break knock sensor body, the signal system

23Pressure sensor system
/ Short break pressure sensor body, the signal system

24 ISC valve system
/ Short break ISC valve body, power and signal lines

26 The intake air temperature sensor system
/ Short break the intake air temperature sensor body, the signal system

31 A throttle opening sensor system
/ Short break a throttle opening sensor body, power and signal lines

32 O2 sensor system
/ Short break body O2 sensors, and signal system

33 Vehicle speed sensor system
/ Short break vehicle speed sensor body, the signal system, off-meter cable

42 SW idle system
/ Short body idle disconnection SW, of the signal system

52 Clutch signal system
/ Short break for the main body ECU ECVT, the signal system (Car only ECVT)

54 The intake system
Loose / broken / disconnected duct intake system, hoses

62 Signal system electrical load
Electrical load (head lamp, Riadefogga, radiator fan) / short disconnection of signal system (D only check)

63 Hitaburoa signal system
/ Short break Hitaburoa SW, registers, and harness (D only check)

here is a link to the origional japanese instruction.

If you paste it into google then you will get a rough translation Forum Index -> Anything else
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