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Will a cam shaft seal from suzuki carry fit my sambar?!

Hi all

I'm still struggling to find a front cam shaft oil seal for my subaru sambar. On the mini truck forum I've found the front crankshaft seal I'm after but I also need the front cam. I emailed them and they replied saying they have got them and to 'look on the site' - They are definitey not listed on the Subaru sambar page and if I do a search for cam shaft oil seal the suzuki carry one comes up "Suzuki Carry Front CamShaft Crank Seal 35x47x5"  Am I being daft - will this do the job?

Thanks all


I had the same issue when I needed my crankshaft pulley. I phoned him (Tod) and told him after my email saying it was on the site (it wasn't) same as your issue. He then put it on and I was able to buy it. Smile Forum Index -> General Chat
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