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A forum for all discussion about Subaru Sambar vans and mini VW replica's.
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auto transmision problem
Business insurance
Passenger side rear exterior door hande anybody
Can't find 4th gear
Subaru Domingo (libero / Sambar) vw bodykit Project for sale
Subaru Domingo with the vw bodykit (sambar big brother :-)
advice please
Seen one, love it!
Summer meet up
new engine
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A forum for all discussion about Subaru Sambar vans and mini VW replica\'s.
Latest Articles
Business insurance
Does anyone have their little beauty insured for business purposes in the UK?
DESPERATE for advice!

Passenger side rear exterior door hande anybody
Door handle needed!
auto transmision problem
Hi my samber classic drives only in one gear it won't change up whist on the move. It heats up and the check engine light comes on any sugestions pleaae,
Can't find 4th gear
My Subaru Sambar broke down two months ago after overheating. Finally got all that sorted then couldn't find fourth gear. I have absolutely no mechanical knowledge but I believe it could be something to do with a solenoid. The garage which fixed it has tried everything,  including replacing the brushes and the gearbox oil but to no avail. It still drives fine and doesn't seem to be a problem in third gear although I'm keeping it below 4000rpm which is a bit difficult going up hills but ...
Subaru Domingo (libero / Sambar) vw bodykit Project for sale
Unfortunately, i think the time has come to sell my Subaru Domingo (the big brother to the Sambar). It is an M reg, 1994, Subaru Domingo, 1.2L ECVT automatic with a VW body kit and 50's style 'American diner' seats. It was imported in 2011. I am told it had full service history before being imported (though mostly in Japanese!) and includes all import/export documents. When it arrived it had a full service including cambelt. I am the 2nd UK owner. The mileage is 58,250 (The import docs show the ...
advice please
Hi everyone
Have fallen in love with these vans, heart says buy one, head says no. Worried about cost of insurance, availability of spares, can most garages fix them (can't do anything myself) and how fast can they go. Any advice would be great. Many thanks
Seen one, love it!
Hi, I'm thinking of buying one of these and I'm looking for some advice on what to look for? The one I have seen and test drove is an automatic, I'd like to know more about the gear box but, he himself admits he doesn't know!
I want to know what the DS is, and what the button to the right of the gear lever is. It feels like it is over revving but you can't really feel it change gear. Is this normal?
Summer meet up
Hi all
Are you heading to any festivals this summer?

Anyone taking their Sambar/Domingo to this?
auto transmission
My 1994 sambar  will only start in neutral try to put in gear seems to be locked up does this even when oil drained any help would be great I do not want to scrap this beautiful peace of machinery Thx
Just bought my first Subaru Domingo/Sumo/Libero
Very Happy
Hi all!
I am a new owner!

I picked up my new green 1996 VW replica on Saturday last week in Hinckley, Leicestershire and just as I was starting the drive home (to Edinburgh) we passed another Sambar. It was black and red. We waved frantically at them and and they flashed their lights at us! It was awesome!!!
Was that any of you lot?

Do you meet up?...Is anyone heading to the VW Festival in Leeds?
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